Versus Versace SS19

A Versus Versace – um presente de Gianni Versace para sua irmã Donatella – completa 30 anos em 2019, e a coleção Spring Summer é a reinterpretação de desenhos icônicos da marca ao longos desses anos. 

Versus Versace turns 30 and it’s never looked so fly

Artistic Director, Donatella Versace recalls the gift her brother gave her – Versus Versace.
The brand’s origins are written in hand-painted lettering inspired by Gianni Versace’s Vanitas Designs book. “Gianni gave Donatella Versus 1989” lettering creates a bold new colourful print. Iconic archive drawings are reinterpreted with more than a nod to today. Vintage is juxtaposed with the present – the Versus Vintage logo with Gianni Versace’s original signature is crafted in 3D printing on tech accessories and contemporary looks featuring belt bags styled across the body with bedazzled sportswear.
Legacy remains relevant when dealt with a witty and ironic approach. Racing into the present, new hand-painted and hand-drawn prints take inspiration from motocross. Color contrast panels on nylon looks with sporty coulisse details resonate with an athletic-inspired generation whose uniform comes straight off the street. Style and rebellion are intertwined – heritage and innovation are one and the same. The cult piece? The Versus Anatomia sneaker. Part of the anatomy – for all who consider sneakers as an essential part of themselves, those whose can’t do without their kicks.

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